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My name is Jenny Peers and I own and run Bags of Colour here and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BagsToColour/
I think I was born crafting, making daisy chains, soaking rose petals in water in the hope that it would turn into perfume. Who remembers the lovely OXO tin begged from a shopkeeper which made the perfect home for a tiny doll, sewing bedspreads for a tiny bed made from a small box, sticking old stamps on the inside walls to to make pictures in frames. Life was simple and fun, and we kept ourselves busy and out of trouble.
After starting my career in primary school teaching where art and craft played a major part in the learning process I took a seventeen year break to bring up my family and yes, one did that sort of thing many moons ago! I was lucky enough to move to a smallholding in Wales with two small boys where everyday I was making, storing, and creating the fruits of the life we were living, butter, cheese, veggies, fruit and yes, we had a few sheep so I became able to shear, spin dye and knit. The arrival of a daughter, in 1984,was the perfect addition to our family.
In fact I think I have tried just about every craft I could find and now, many years later, I have been lucky enough to build a small business that incorporates all the skills that I have learnt over many years.
My overall aim has always been firstly, to re-introduce young people to the traditional crafting skills, the ability to occupy themselves fruitfully and with enjoyment, and to use their imagination in work and play, and secondly, to have fun.
To this end I continually introduce new products which involve more skills and learning processes to keep up with my customers as they grow up. As nearly every product is handmade by me, no are exactly the same.

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